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Thursday, May 19, 2022

The Relentless vs The Procurator Battlecruiser - Star Wars - Empire at War

This time I go to check the power from the Procurator BattleCruiser against a Relentless, this time, I control the Relentless, a ship with a similar size and class. Watch the video and discover what of these ships is better.

Death Star 2 Interception - Star Wars - Empire at War

The Death Star 2 fleet intercept several ground transports attacking Tythe.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Tycon Station at action - Star Wars - Empire at War

The Tycon Station is a Mobile Space Factory and as all these units, it can be used in battles. However, it is not a Death Star, it has not Super Laser or thousands of additional weapons.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Procurator BattleCruiser - Star Wars - Empire at War

This is the Procurator BattleCruiser, the design is from Fractalsponge and the model from 1138. I have added the textures made with the images from Fractalsponge and of course all the other from to rig the model inside the game, turrets other pieces and more.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Defending Narshadda with 3 SSDs - Star Wars - Empire at War

A curious battle, 3 Super Star Destroyers, a Eclipse MKI, a Sovereign and a Legacy defending Narshadda against a New Republic Fleet with a Viscount and other powerful units.

Emperor Reborn EP7 & 8 - StarWars - Dark Empire

Here the continuation from  the Dark Empire GC.


Thursday, May 12, 2022

Krayt Empire skirmiss - Star Wars - Empire at War

The Legacy era is part from the FOC Alliance and you can play skirmiss and galactic conquest with the two factions that time line. Today I am playing with the Krayt Empire against the Fel/GA faction.

Advanced Star Wars Rebel Vehicles - Empire At War

The Rebels counts with several advanced units with extraordinary capabilities, take a look in some of them at battle against the powerful Imperial units.

Testing the Game - Star Wars - Alliance - Sins of a Solar Empire

After discover a crash by an unknown missing entity, I made a search from the problem where I discovered at least three missing files and now I am testing if it runs without problems.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Death Star 2 at action - Star Wars - Empire at War

Nothing better to remember how in the FOC Alliance there are more super weapons than the Death Star. Today the Death Star 2 will be the master of ceremony.

Improved Performance at Qat Chrystac - Star Wars - Empire at War

Now the solution to the bad performance from the previous video playing the same battle.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Far Cry 6 // i5-12600K RTX 3060 // Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X DDR4 // No FSR

This is a video showing the performance from the i5-12600K with a RTX 3060 in my Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X DDR4 mainboard playing the game Far Cry 6. The graphic game settings are ultra with DXR reflections and FSR deactivated. I have loaded the benchmark and played a bit.

At this time I have not the ram memory at dual channel by a unknown problem, perhaps the main board, soon I will know because I have asked a replacement to Amazon.

Far Cry 6 // i5-12600K RTX 3060 // Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X DDR4 // FSR Ultra Quality

This is a video showing the performance from the i5-12600K with a RTX 3060 in my Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X DDR4 mainboard playing the game Far Cry 6. The graphic game settings are ultra with DXR reflections and FSR activated. I have loaded the benchmark and played a bit.

Far Cry 6 // i5-12600K RTX 3060 // Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X DDR4 // FSR Balanced

This is a video showing the performance from the i5-12600K with a RTX 3060 in my Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X DDR4 mainboard playing the game Far Cry 6. The graphic game settings are ultra with DXR reflections and FSR activated. I have loaded the benchmark and played a bit.

Far Cry 6 // Ryzen 5 3600X RTX 3060 // Asus Strix F B550

This is a video showing the performance from the Ryzen 5 3600X with a RTX 3060 in my Asus Strix F B550 mainboard playing the game Far Cry 6. I have added inside CPUZ screens with the data about the computer. The graphic game settings are ultra with DXR reflections and FSR activated. I have loaded the benchmark and played a bit.

Bad Performance at Qat Chrystac - Star Wars - Empire at War

This is a performance optimization test that I have made few time ago because some maps have problems and they add lag. I have made a comparation with the same battle.

Friday, May 6, 2022

First Order Dreadnought - Star Wars - Empire at War

Did you know the First Order Dreadnought in the FOC Alliance Rebellion? with the last update, it changed a bit. Check the video and discover how it runs now.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

AT-AT vs RAT-AT walkers - Star Wars Rebels

Time to repeat the previous ground battle where we could check how is more powerful, the AT-AT watched in the Rebels Tv serie or the regular AT-AT from the Episode V in the Hoth attack, but thist time I control the AT-AT.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Tarkin Station at action - Star Wars - Empire at War

Nothing better to remember how in the FOC Alliance there are more super weapons than the Death Star. Today the Tarkin Station will be the master of ceremony from the new update preview.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Viscount Fleet vs Assertor Fleet - Star Wars - Empire at War

Time to another Star Wars space battle, two monster fleets engage at combat, a Mon Calamari Rebel Fleet commanded by the Viscount vs the Assertor Fleet. Just pure Star Wars.

Space Popcap Increased - Star Wars - Empire at War

Yes, I have increased the population in the space battles and I am testing the change exactly in the same battle where I checked the performance improves from the Dolomar space map.

New Kedalbe Battleship MK3 - Star Wars - Empire at War

Time to show you the new Kedalbe Battleship MK3.

New Kedalbe Battleship MK2 - Star Wars - Empire at War

 Time to show you the new Kedalbe Battleship MK2.

Perfomance optimization test - Star Wars - Empire at War

This is a performance optimization test that I have made few time ago because some maps have problems and they add lag. I have made a comparation with the same battle.

New Blast Ability - Star Wars - Empire at War

Time to show you a battle with several ships from Rebel Alliance and Black Sun adding the new blast ability.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Shields - Star Wars - Empire at War

Why do I do not like the shield resistance now? Watch the video and you will understand better my opinion.

Performance improved - Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance

Time to show you the space map from Zeltros and another perfomance test showing how many resources consumes this old game and how somethings must be avoided if you do not want to play with lag.

Mon Calamari 80C vs MandatorII - Star Wars - Empire at War

Time to another Star Wars space battle, the powerful Mon Calamari 80C engage in battle the older but powerful Mandator II from the Galactic Republic.   

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Star Wars Rebels - RAT-AT walker vs AT-AT walker

Time to a new ground battle where we can check how is more powerful, the AT-AT watched in the Rebels Tv serie or the regular AT-AT from the Episode V in the Hoth attack.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Dauntless Cruiser improved - Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance

I have made several good improvements in the Dauntless Cruisers.

Kedalbe Battleships - Accuracy - Star Wars - Empire at War

Time to show the three Kedalbe variants, the MK1, MK2 and MK3 and explain a bit how they work in battle.

The Revenge - Chiss vs Imperial walkers - Star Wars - Empire at War

Time to repeat the previous ground units test, this time with a new tactic and with a small addition to the Chiss heavy walkers, the AT-AV and the AT-TT, it is not a cheat, it was part of this vehicles before but now it much better balanced.

Chiss vs Imperial walkers - Star Wars - Empire at War

Time to another ground units test, this time with the monster walkers from the Star Wars Chiss fighting against the monster walkers from the Galactic Empire or at least part of them.

New Heavy Rocket Assault ability - Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance

Somebody asked about the abilities in the Corellian Star Defender and the Corellian Dreadnought, now I have improved it and this is how it looks in battle.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Weapons Improved

Time to show you the new space map from Atzerri and how the Heavy Rockets, Torpedoes and Missiles will work now. 

Monday, April 18, 2022

Star Wars - Empire at War - Mon Calamari 80C vs MandatorI

Time to another Star Wars space battle, the powerful Mon Calamari 80C engage in battle the older but powerful Mandator I from the Galactic Republic.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Star Wars - Empire at War - First Order vs Imperial walkers

Time to another ground units test, this time with the monster walkers from the Star Wars First Order fighting against the monster walkers from the Galactic Empire or at least part of them.πŸ˜‰ 

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Star Wars - Empire at War - Dominance Fleet vs Assertor Fleet

Time to another Star Wars space battle, two monster fleets engage at combat, the Dominance Fleet vs the Assertor Fleet. Just pure Star Wars.

Star Wars - Empire at War - Emperor Reborn GC EP3 & 4

Continuation from the Emperor Reborn Galactic Conquest. This is set in the Dark Empire and it is one two factions map with the biggest difficulty, it is perfect if you want discover the secrets from the FOC Alliance Rebellion.

The Galactic Empire offensive continues against the self-proclaimed New Republic. Discover how handle all these powerful attacks and enjoy the several combats.

Friday, April 8, 2022

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Encyclopedia - Hutt Cartel Ground Units

I have added the Hutt Cartel Ground Units chapter for the Visual units Encyclopedia.


Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Emperor Reborn EP1 & 2

Another addition for today, a recording playing the Dark Empire GC, I will be publishing more chapters soon, it will be interesting because I am improving things at the same time and you will see how they change in game.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Shield ships EP1 and 2

Do you want understand how the shield recharge runs in the mod? you must watch these two videos. 

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Onager Star Destroyer

A new special battle recording showing the power from the First Order and the Onager Star Destroyers. 

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Imperial Landing Platform

 The Imperial Landing Platform gets a model replacement.


Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - New 31 March update

The past week I have updated the FOC Alliance Rebellion at Steam Workshop with several improves, fixes and even some addition.

List of changes:

  1. Blue Diver and MC75 are not missile cruisers any more
  2. Fixed Anakin Solo ISD turrets
  3. Fixed Hutt Cruiser turrets
  4. Fixed Blue Diver turrets
  5. Fixed Corellian Dreadnought turrets
  6. Improved Majestic Frigate weapons
  7. Improved performance at space reducing the drunk movement from several type of missiles, rockets, torpedos
  8. Improved several fighter/bomber abilities
  9. Improved code reducing the size from some files
  10. Added a main turret with movement in the Y-Wing and Three Engines Y-Wing from space
  11. Fixed Nebulon C turrets
  12. Improved Narshadda SD (Advanced Venator) shader (less brightness in battles)
  13. Fixed Hutt Corvette engine textures.
  14. Improved performance space battles.
  15. Ion guns (not abilities or defense planetary weapons by example), they do not disable engines never more.
  16. Fixed Corellian Heavy Gunboat turrets.
  17. Fixed Blue Diver turrets.
  18. Replaced and improved abilities from Corellian Dreadnought, Corellian Defender and Corellian Destroyer MKIII.
  19. Fixed Corellian Destroyer MKIII name.
  20. Fixed Rocket, Torpedo, Missiles and other balistic proyectile hardpoints.
  21. Reduced TorpedoSphere Radar image.
  22. Fixed Medium Golan size.
  23. Fixed B-Wing Super 1 engines.
  24. Fixed CHRISTOPHSIS ground map.
  25. Fixed size from the Black Sun Hardcell construction ship.
  26. Fixed Black Sun construction vehicle A.
  27. Construction vehicle A spawns satellite from a different way.
  28. Improved AI ground units builded in the Rogue Squadron, Trilogy of the New Republic, Emperor Reborn and DarkSaber.
  29. In that GCs the initial planets from the AI controlled by the Empire and Rebel Alliance are now stronger. (editado)
  30. Improved AI files.
  31. Reduced units amount in the Ground Commander Level 4 from the Empire.
  32. Improved Atzerri ground map.
  33. Added Deepcore Deepcore Modding Framework
  34. Increased trade routes speed.
  35. Improved World Devastator superlaser width.

One new feature is the improve in the Construction ships.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - World Devastator vs Rebel Fleet

This is a recreation from a World Devastator attacking Mon Calamari in the Dark Empire time era. You can watch it at.

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Arkania ground combat

 Ground Battle at Arkania, watch this battle for compare with what you will watch later and discover the changes.

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Chazwa ground combat

Ground Battle at Chazwa, watch this battle for compare with what you will watch later and discover the changes.

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Mrisst ground combat

A very fun battle playing at Mrisst, watch it and discover in the news from the next days the differences.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Encyclopedia - Hutt Space Units

While you wait the upload from the new update (at just a matter of minutes), you can watch the new Visual Encyclopedia video 

I find this way much better than create a web page, pdf manual or other different thing. With a video, I can show all the units from a faction easily.

The new version is ready.

Check the list of changes if you want know them.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Improved Space Battles Performance

Let me start this news with a old EAW story. One year ago and few months more, Petroglyph and Disney released a new patch for the game made in combination with the modding community, adding some new features and fixing most of the problem in the game.

Before that, I had a much more solid mod with very good performance in space battles. The difference was how the reinforces from all AI's fleets destroyed by you were not showed in the debriefing screen after battles. 

After the 2021 January patch many things from the game started to run as they supposed to do, the targeting accuracy, the damage in more of one hardpoint for some proyectiles or many special codes as by example the code which it adds reinforces and shows these destroyed in the debriefing screen from the battles.

However, to find how use all these things at the same time in a huge mod as the FOC Alliance is difficult and it took time. Many tryouts and many pauses between these tryouts. But now I believe how it runs everything as it supposed to be running.

As always, any change take time and comparing to other mods, here there are a lot of different pieces, many different units, if I edit one thing, probably I will need edit a hundred more, many things are linked and there is not a fast shortcut.

Now I go to show you a good comparation. This is my last space battle video where I showed the last Defense Shield, you can note how at some points the game runs slower and it was because by a strange combination the AI breaks the pop cap and it spawns more of 45 points. More of that does not crash the game, at least not in my computer but it slows everything a bit and you will note it.

I could show the fps in the video but it has not sense. The game always will run at low fps but smooth while there was a bottleneck in the CPU and GPU where it does not use more of a 30%. 

It is not a failure from this mod or any mod, it happens in the original game and I hope so one day be fixed. It would be a good point for a EAW remasterization, not a mod, a true new version developed by Petroglyph.

However with a 30%, we can make good things and the game continues being very unique because no one other game has strategic galactic mode, space battles and ground battles. Most of the 4X games add the first two but with exception from the old Imperium Galactica games, I do not know others with ground combat.

I know what you are thinking, specially if you have not played the FOC Alliance. EAW is not a 4X game. Yes, it is more simple RTS but the FOC Alliance ups the game to the 4X level with new capabilities and a complete new game mode.

Now centering us again in the space combat, it is a video showing the previous showed battle at Chazwa, exactly the same in the same moment with the same enemy units where you can compare the performance.

You will note how with exception from the points where units are spawned, the game runs smoother. The hyperspace leave from new units in the battle always will add a small lag in the game, always.

Does it run better, no? well, it can be improved yet. In the next video you will note how the AI spawns more variety of units, always without up the population limit and it makes the game much more fun.

Other change in the moment that I recorded that video, it was the balistic proyectiles as missiles, heavy rockets or torpedoes from fighters and bombers, they fire more amount of them. Before I limited them but what is the point is they are alive few timeπŸ˜…. At the end, one thing compensate to the other.

Other change is the movement from these type of proyectiles, I do not go to lie, sometimes, they can add a bit of lag but it does not compromise too much the game.

I recomend you watch the last video carefuly and compare with the others because there are many differences.😎

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Starbase Defense Shield

I want show you this today. It is an old feature but I have improved it with different and better colors. You can watch it in this video. 

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Star Wars - Empire at War - FOC Alliance - New Supremacy

Yes and no. I have not replaced the model from Warb_Null used by the Supreme Leader Snoke. Just because I had a model, a different model, I have added a regular Supremacy. 

Now the first Supremacy comes with Snoke and the new is builded as other ship. Thanks you this addition, you can build and deploy in battle two of these huge monsters. Have fun.

This new ship has not been added inside the mod yet but you can enjoy other improvements as the better reinforces from the AI in galactic mode, the improve from the reinforces at skirmiss, the fix from some heroes as Palpatine at ground and space battles, Obiwan & Anakin at skirmiss and other small improves. There were the things uploaded by the moment, more soon.

I have recorded as always a video showing at detail the new model and a few more things as a new model from the TIE Silencer used by Kylo Ren in the space battles.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Space AI reinforces improved

It is true how the last week I have not made too much new things from this mod because I have been working in the Star Trek mod and I go to continue centering me in that mod for some more of time, I want finish it. However, I have been playing the Dark Empire GC and making different improves.

The most important was fix and improve the reinforces spawned by the AI. As you know the AI builds ships with the class fleet, these units spawn in the battles other units and even if it looks strange, it is a very important feature because it avoids the huge lag produced by one AI building all the type of different units from each faction. It was a problem in the past and even if there is some of lag, the amount is a lot less than before.

Of course, with one game running with only a 30% from a single core from the CPU and a 30% from the GPU, a good performance with this mod is impossible, always there will be lag at some point. My unique concern is avoid problems producing a CTD and get everything running so fast it can be.

In the first versions where I added these new AI reinforces, there was a problem, the AI builded a lot of these units and battles could be very long. The improves in the code prevent it. The AI will not use the 100% from all the possible units but it will be enough fun and there will be different units in the battles.

In this video you can note the changes in battles, I hope release this update soon.

Other changes, important changes are the Probe Droid, Long Range Y-Wing and other generic units being builded now with the Advance Command Center. People ask me many times because I added that building, the point is prevent the massive build from some of these units by the AI. Before you could see how the AI builded 100 or more Probe Droids, it made lag. The build from a lot of ground units produces lag.

In the Dark Empire GC, I fixed the unlock from the Research Station III after you conquer Coruscant. There were some trouble with it and it was a good addition. 

Other improves are as you know several changes in ground maps but I will release these things later, the main priority are the AI improves. Stay tunned, I will post more sooner or later.😎

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Palanhi

Palanhi is one of the new planets added in the Dark Empire Galactic Conquest.  

This planet probably will be added in other GCs as the New Republic trilogy because it is original from it. 

I remembered it looking the Dark Empire map from the old Star Wars Atlas. However in the old Star Wars Atlas that map mixed several episodes that I had painted divided.

As you can see in this image, it joins the all the parts from the Dark Empire, the trilogy of the Jedi Academy and the Dark Saber in one single map. Of course the reader can difference them but it is a bit messi.

Anyway, this Atlas was a very good thing published many time ago. It was perfect, better than anything published by Disney.

Returning I have added a curious map where the enemy attacking can be targeted from many positions. Probably you think how it is very easy but this is a planet in a main trade router where you can receive many attacks in a GC where you can not defend with fleets your planets in the begining.

You can watch the new Rebel Advance Command Center. In time I will replace all the versions made by myself with the original from the old Star Wars Commander game, they much better. My versions were not bad because I made them looking a single and very small screenshot but by that point these are better. 😎

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War - FOC Alliance - New changes in ground maps

Yes, it is not a new ground map but I have made several changes in the ground map. First remove the stupid landing zone in the town from the Ewoks. 

Second, I added a bigger and with less obstacles zone left side of the map. Endor has two versions, one before the Episode VI and other after Episode VI. In one the primary landing zone is in the left corner of the map and in other in the top corner, closer to the simulated Imperial bunker zone .

Other ground map with changes is Dolomar where you can see several changes in the passability avoiding strange situations.

Mist is another of these maps with changes in the passability zones and now the way of to defend and to attack is completely different from before.

The changes in this another ground map, from the planet named Xa Fel, they are bigger, I have added a better initial landing position where the units deployed be not stopped by the lack of passability. 

Yes, it is true, there are many ground maps with this problem and I am workin the them. Other ground maps improved are Polus, Abregadorae, Arkania, Chandrila, Das Soocha, Manaan, Nubia, Onderon, Pallaxides, Qat_Chrystac, Thyferra, Yinchorr. Not only I improve the landing zones, there are changes in other things as the defending positions or building positions.

And in the space maps I am improving the brightness making them less darker. A lot of good changes for the closer future.πŸ˜€

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War - FOC Alliance - Dark Empire improve

Lately I have been playing a lot the Dark Empire GC with all the planets and I have made several improves and fixes.

First I have added new trade routes making more difficult to get planets far from the enemy.

Of course, I have fixed Ilum, all these changes are from the galactic conquest with more planets. The smaller will be without too changes. 

Other changes are Bonadan and Yavin gets trade routes.

More additions, new planets, by the moment I have added Nespis VIII. Probably it will replace Korriban. There is not need from to add more planets. Just replace some of them. There will be some planets more as Vjun from the Empire.

Other changes are in several ground maps.

Many of the improves are from the terrain improving the landing zones. 

More improves are in weapons and ground vehicles. There are changes in the AI and how it runs in that conflict. In general the GC is more difficult now but more fun. πŸ˜…

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion - Star Wars Alliance 1.8 for 1.96v

 After three years without updates for this mod, I have made a very fast and good update adding these features to the mod.

-Added Resistance ships, Ninka, Anodyne, Raddus, Vigil.

-Added Resistance fighters/bombers Awing, Xwing T70 and MG100.

-Added First Order Supremacy, Resurgent and Dreadnought.

-Added First Order fighters/Bombers TIE Fighter, TIE Fighter Elite and TIE Bomber (same name, different ships).

-Added the Rebel Starhawk MKI and MKII.

-Added as the First Order ship constructor the Empirical.

-Added as the Resistance constructor the Profundity Com. 

-Added Star Wars map made by Sersanara modified for the mod, by the moment only with original planets. 

-Rebel One engines position fixed.

-Torpedo Sphere texture improved.

There was not need of improve the files for the Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion 1.96v because there was anything wrong. By this reason this update is more from additions and some small improves in the mod. 

The First Order Supremacy, Resurgent and Dreadnought are inside the Galactic Empire faction and you can get them building a special Constructor Ship made with the Empirical. You can get this ship as a ability from the Capital Shipyard.

The Resistance Ninka, Anodyne, Raddus, Vigil are inside the Rebel Alliance faction and you can get them building a special Constructor Ship made with the Profundity Com. You can get this ship as a ability from the Capital Shipyard.

The Rebel Starhawk MKI and MKII can be builded as an ability from the Capital Shipyard.

The models from the Ninka, Anodyne and Supremacy are new in my mods and never before I used them. The first two are clearly better. The third is not very different but it has less polygons. Anyway the Supremacy looks different. I am not sure if the model from Warb Null is less realistic at parts and angles than this other. 

The Star Wars map made by Sersanara is a work in progress, I will be finishing it the next months. 

The next updates will improve more the other factions, Free Side, Warlords and Hutts will get some updates and ship replacements to be more different from other factions. Probably more more more stuff will be added. πŸ˜€

You can find the download link here.

Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion - Star Wars Alliance

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Whats up with the mod?

 Well, lately I have not found too much time to write news. I have been making many things and the amount of time for these things were limited to the maximun. So many that I do not go to be able work too much this week in the mod and perhaps the next week. Anyway I have not any hurry and I can not make miracles.

But the past weeks, I started the addition from new ground units for the new factions, it is essential for the addition from these new factions inside the Galactic Conquest.

The First Order and the Resistance will be add several new units as this. Advanced vehicles for the FO and other fun things for the Resistance.

About space units, I have been working in the creation from a Proclamator model. It is a slow progress work but the model is finished at least. I have made it just because one guy who he has supported my web site for years asked me about this new addition.

Probably it will not be the last space unit added with a Fractalsponge, I am working in another but I do not go to reveal it. It is another slow progress work. Anyway, who knows what I can add this year. πŸ˜€

In the meantime I will continue updating the mod with critical fixes and some small additions as the Landing Platforms used by the ground air units.

Monday, February 7, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War - FOC Alliance - New update

Today I have released a new update, it is not a simple small update with just two improves, it adds several new improves and fixes.

One of the improves is the space combat damage system, now it is a bit different and probably better, more thinking in how the space units add much more hardpoints and to avoid very long space combats.

Not all the improves are in space, there are several improves in the ground combats. In them you will see all the speeders flying around which they were vehicles before, now acting as air units and being destroyed by the aa turrets.

There are several AI improves and some fixes relationated indirectely with its ground units which probably theywill crash your previous savegames. However, it prevents some CTD and it is important.

You will see to the AI building and deploying units in ground battles that you did not see before.

The air units spawned from a landing platform are at this update.

You will note how some heroes can receive a lot of damage, they are force users and they must be destroyed with some of type of weapons of they will reflect a lot of damage. In addition, they can restore their health. By this reason, it can be difficult destroy them.
At this last video as in the video from Sullust attacking an small Imperial fleet with a SSD MKI, you will note a change in graphics because I was playing with the Nvidia DLDSR active where the antialising are better and the 1080p graphics were set as in a 1440p. This last DSR named DLDRS model and only from RTX graphics cards gains performance compared to the normal version.

You did not watch this yet, but the ground anti-vehicle and anti-infantry turrets can target enemies from much more far. It will compensate the lack of armor.

Friday, February 4, 2022

Star Wars Rebellion with mods, the biggest unknown

Probably you have played the old Star Wars Rebellion game, there is a good GOG version which it can be ran without too many problems in a modern computer. 

I saw without too many because you will need use dgVoodoo2 if you want see the correct graphics in battles. Just download it and copy the files from the folder MS inside the main Rebellion folder.

Just with it you can play this very old game with more of 20 years in its back. It is a poor graphics game, it is true, it was poor even when it was released but it is unique and very fun. 

The unique modern game when you can make the same would be the Star Wars Empire at War from Steam+my mod FOC Alliance Rebellion where you have special Galactic Conquest where you can search heroes, research everything and play with more new features from that game. 

The Steam EAW version is fully neccesary because it is different to the others thanks to the last patches added by Petroglyph only to this version.

The EAW with the mod is very fun but for me the old game never was bad and sometimes, I play it. This time, I have played it with a mod, this is a thing that I did not discovered before the game was released at GOG. Perhaps I did not search too much, who knows. 

The mod added is named SW Rebellion - Balancing & Graphics Mod (v5) and this is the main list of changes.

-troops can't be bombed anymore (except war droids), so you have to battle them with your own troops (that increases the meaning of troops and their stats, now you have to deal more with troop transports and troop vs troop fighting)

 (if you want to bomb troops again, take one of the files from the folder 'bombable troops') (the AI can't deal with this new concept and sometimes bombs a planet again and again and again and try to destroy the troops via bombing, but can't due to the mod (in this case, you can dissolve the troops manually to 'help' the AI or you take one of the 'bombable troops' files before starting a game to prevent this case))

-most fighter and troop capacity's are halfed (you need to build more transport units and tactical combat are not only fighter battles anymore)

 (at game start some ships will have to much fighters and troops aboard, because reduction of capacity isn't considered at game start by the game -> so reduce them manually)

-bomber are a little bit weaker (less laser weapons and more ion cannons) against other fighters, but stronger against capital ships

-the a-wing has no hyperdrive anymore, but is relativ low on cost (the a-wing was always a little bit "unrealistic" in the star wars universe, this little a-wing had too many features, it makes more sense as short fast interceptor and that's the role it now has in the game -> no hyperdrive and cheaper, the a-wing is still the best choice on alliance side for fighter vs fighter)

-also all laser armament (anit-fighter) on the capital ships are reduced by nearly 50%, because there are less fighters in the battles now (the reduced laser amount is regiven as turbolasers to the ships)

-all ship stats are redone and (hopefully) balanced, also all ships now have a function (no more useless ships)

 some exapmles for some special changes:

 -> the imperial assault cruiser seems to have a low amount of weapons, but have the highest fire rate in the game (the weapon recharge rate stands in direkt relation to the fire angle with the highest total number of all three weapon types)

 -> the mc90 cruiser has mainly ion cannons and is low on turbolasers (so he isn't that effective against ship's hull), but has a high firerate, very good damage control and strong shields 

 -> imperial star destroyers seems to have very strong shields, but also have a low shield recharge rate, which results in a constant shield loss if it's continous bombarded

 -> the assault frigate has a very low production cost for it's size and values, but a high maintaince cost, so it's a ship for short terms, if you need quickly some medium battleships

-almost all ships have got a new 3D model (don't be irritated because the models sometimes seems a little bit inconsistent if you look close at them, but the old engine of the game is to bad to give us better results)

-also put in many new ships (for example: allegiance star desroyer, mc90 cruiser, imperial assault cruiser, dominator interdictor, home 1 star cruiser, nebulon-b 2 frigate, golan 3 station)

-every side has now one spacestation that can't travel through hyperspace, but has strong firepower and relativ low maintaince cost

-all interdictor cruiser are much more expensive, especially on maintaince, now you have to think about where to use this ships and not only building many interdictors and every fight has to be a last men standing when interdictors are researched

-also some ships are available for both sides now

-special forces & character stats have also been changed (special forces are more expensive, special forces and main chars have now a little bit variance on their stats, research ability of chars with research capacity were decreased by 50%)

-it needs more time to research and you have more things to research (some units are available at game start, but have to be resarched first to build them, for example: stormtroopers, mc40 light cruiser, kdy ion cannon)

-also the stats of defenses & facility's have been changed (gencore level 2 can also fire at bombing ships and troops now, level two buildings incrases building speed only by 50% anymore)

-coruscant has now the most energy points by far

-in tactical battles you can't see anymore which units are on your own or your opponents ships, you only will see that's something on the ship, but don't know exactly what it is

 (make it a little bit more difficult for the enemy to know which ships to hit first to kill your commanders or so (but yes, you still can see who is aboard ships in the battlescreen before battle is starting, so it's only a little advantage))

 (this can be redone with the file in the folder 'visible units') (it wasn't possible to change the game the way, that only your opponent doesn't see the units or that you can't see the units in the battlescreen -> some pics are shared with other functions in the game)

As you can read, there are a lot of new additions, many changes in the main game, even some new units and new models.

I have recorded a small video. Very fun, even if the 3D combat is not looking 100% perfect because the game is too old and it can not be better. 

I was curious lately because Disney announced a new Strategy game. I will wait with many curiosity what they are developing.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War - FOC Alliance - New air units deployment

This weekend I was playing the mod and as other times, I thought, Fighters and Bombers have a problem, they move too fast and they are too weak against anti-air units. Before I tried increase their resistance but it was not good because it affected too much to the balance making very powerful air units.

Other option was to try save them alive more time, repairing them but many times you lose all them in one single attack as you can watch at this video.

Air units are too fast compared to other units and I needed some better. Solution? They will be deployed from a ground landing platform. It deploys them as other ground buildings from the defender in battle or in skirmiss. One single unit each few seconds and it restores the destroyed units.

It will be used by the human and AI player. By the moment I have made the Rebel version only and it was the first in game test. Perfect. You can imagine how each faction will use different flags.

But it has more good features, depending from the unit that it desploys it, it can add from two to four AA turrets.

Have fun. It lets you to create better tactics, the AI uses it and you do not lose your fighters and bombers in one single attack.

It is not the unique new improve from the last days. I have been working in improve the build from some ground groups for the Empire AI because it had too restrictions and an AI with limits where it must require a unit in orbit for to build other unit, it does not work. Now the Empire builds more and different ground teams.

Other improve is the amount of units spawned from the fleets builded by the AI. I have added new limits and now even if the fleet is huge, it will not overload the battles so much as before. It is a important improve because sometimes the AI could launch in a battle 15 or more fleets and even if you can destroy them, it was not very random and you could get end very bored.

Another small change is change the type of unit for the speeders and speederbikes flying. Now they are air units and they can be targeted by default by the AA units. Much better than before.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Space combat improves

While I have been improving the mod with the last additions finding errors and fixing them, I have made several improves in the damage system, space targeting and several weapons, abilities and more.

Thanks to this the battles finish faster, the fighters/bombers can destroy hardpoints easier and the targeting accuracy is better because before there were some weapons which they were very bad against some units and targeting some

I have recorded a video from a fun battle over Rallttiir,  it was a battle between all the Empire forces vs all the Rebel folces from the Dark Empire era and they were a lot of them.

The points about the new changes are these:

Now fighter/bomber abilities works better. There are several new hidden abilities from them running.

Shield recharge can happen but it is more slow, just a bit for some units. Big units can receive a lot of damage from turbolasers/ion guns from smaller ships, it is a fact but enemy bombers can damage them faster.

Laser weapons from fighters/bombers have a better accuracy vs starships.

Antifighter weapons are lethal. There are few units with these weapons and they will not show a very difference in the balance.

Targeting between units is now better. It is a fact.

In addition, the galactic conquest have been improved. One thing that you note is the movement from heroes, the enemy heroes between planets where before they were more sit in one or two planets. You will not note that in the video because I have not recorded anything of this yet.

There will be another changes/improves that you note at some ground units as by example the Rebel XP-38. This speeder had some wrong things fixed as the lack of shields. However the biggest change is how before it was considered a vehicle and not a air vehicle. Now it is an air vehicle and it is targeted by anti-air weapons. After years playing with some vehicles as the scout speeder as this, I go to change them by air vehicles flying low.

Other vehicles and weapons which they did not make any damage in some units, now they make more damage. Instead of no-damage, they have worse or better accuracy vs some type of units.

The restore from the accuracy was a big part from the original 2021 patch. Before it did not run very well. However in the mod, there are thousands of units and these changes take more time. I can not edit everything at two days.

More news soon.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Close Combat TBF – Veteran - Bastogne old vs new

 This is a curious comparation, the Bastogne map from the older Close Combat Wacht am Rhein with my Ardennes Offensive mod vs a recreation from that 2D map at 3D inside the Close Combat The Bloody First with my Veteran mod using similar units.

For recreate this old battle, I have taken the old 2D background view from the Bastogne map and I have added several new 3D objects, some of them as part of the buildings created from the scratch by me and others made with texture modifications from the originals.

I have made several new clusters of hedges, I like them because now I can deploy these things faster in the map editor.

It took me a lot of time set up all these new objects in the best way, even I needed to add different light effects because so many white with the sun from Normandy was......too much. Anyway, everything are useful stuff for new maps in the future from the Ardennes or other operations.

About the new map itself, it is curious how the map looks smaller. Not a surprise because the map was not one of the biggest maps in the CC War.

Other curious point from the game itself, it is how really there are not 2 floor or more buildings but a wall is a wall and if your fire is too low, it will not pass over the building. It happens with several weapons. At the same time, there are true elevations and most important a tree, any 3D object is a thing giving true covert.

About the future, by the moment, I prefer to create single battles which I can increase with more battle operations in the future. It is more useful and fun. I will release this new map one day not too far. I want improve the mod a bit more, perhaps with darker night battles and other things.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Indictor & Attack Carrier improve

The Indictor is a model Coulden based in the Indictor-class electronic warfare corvette from Fractalsponge. The Attack Carrier is a modification from that model from Coulden making a fast carrier deploying the TIE Baron. These two units from the First Order have been improved with 4 four turrets with movement each of them. The Indictor gets two heavy turbolaser turrets and two Anti-Fighter turrets.
The Attack Carrier four heavy turbolaser turrets.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Updated 08/01/2022

 Few days ago I updated the mod with a larger amount of new features. There are not a larger amount of new units or changes in the Galactic Conquest, but there are many new things, starting by 4 new factions which you can play by the moment only in the skirmiss mode.

I say how the amount of new units is not big but probably it is very big compared to other updates. 😜

There are at least 41 new space units, several new heroes and several new ground models. Everything descripted in the previous news is inside this update. I do not go to create a list. I have not time and the purpose from all the mod is be played.

There are many improves in the Galactic Conquest but I have not added the new factions in them because it will require more time. Just you can play with the First Order units inside the Empire and the Resistance units inside the Rebel Alliance. In addition, the Rebel Alliance can build units from the Galactic Alliance the Confederation from the Second Galactic Civil War.

Playing with the Empire at GC where you can build the Research Station Level III, instead from to build the Supremacy, you can recruit Snoke and the Supremacy, obviously by a high price. He can recruit other heroes as Kylo Ren or the Captain Phasma. In time, he will recruit more.

Snoke in orbit with the Supremacy can build a special shipyard. This shipyard can build all the space units from the First Order. At the same time, he can build the ground buildings from that faction and their units.

Just him with the Empire can build these things.

Playing with the Rebel Alliance, in a GC where you can build the Research Station Level III, you will be able to build a special Construction ship. This ship can build a special shipyard where you can build the Resistance units. Because there are not different and new ground units by the moment for that faction, there is not a reason for to build them by the moment playing with the Rebel Alliance.

At skirmiss mode, there are not strange ways. Everything works as before, perhaps there are not more units and some of them are builded from different stations but nothing more. I have recorded a video showing it.

From time to time, I will continue updating the mod. I prefer many updates than wait with all the data in my hands waiting a release where you can lose everything in one day by a computer crash. In fact, this time did not happen by very few time. I had lucky with the backups or I had lost the work from many time when I was replacing a damaged hard drive.

Anyway, do not worry, no one of the future updates will crash your game probably and after each update, I need improve somethings. It is a fact, I am not a Borg, I am not perfect and the mod has thousands of parts, each edit require a million of additional changes. πŸ˜”